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"Anne Ribolow is a Modern Medicine Woman practicing in the Spirit of Unconditional Radiance. Skilled at seeing and sensing the body/spirit path of equilibrium, she shines her intuitive wisdom and compassionate support to ground and expand this fundamental vibrational balance. Her powerful guidance helps me to maintain my focus on my own unique healing potential.”   


~ Martha Peabody, Artist-in-Residence,  5Rhythms® Global

“ There is a depth and grace to Anne’s work  that only comes from one who has journeyed deep into their own healing and returned with the wisdom and practices  gained from direct experience. Anne is a gifted healer and teacher in a variety of modalities which she brings together so powerfully and beautifully in her unique Radiant Aging offerings. Working with Anne is not only transformative - it’s fun too! Her radiant spirit and enthusiasm for life shines through in all that she does. If you get an opportunity to work with Anne take it - you won’t be disappointed!  Meeting and working with Anne Ribolow has been a highlight of my New York experience.”


~Pasha Hogan, author of Third Time Lucky: A Creative Recovery, and Founder of Creative Discovery. 

I participated in Anne's "Radiant Aging" workshop and couldn't recommend it more highly to my sisters out there who are looking for ways to improve physical/emotional/spiritual health, take better care of our bodies, and to reconnect to and honor the spark of radiant divine light that is within us all! Anne walks her walk and is a big-open-hearted RADIANT GLOWING GODDESS who is so incredibly inspirational and wonderful! Anne very generously shares her health secrets, wisdom and oh-so-radiant light! Her workshops are truly special, heart-centered and fun!

~ Emily Horowitz PsyD, Clinical Psychologist and Sound Healing Practitioner

"For me, an ever emerging spirit with goals that sometimes seem out of reach, radiant aging among them, Anne Ribolow’s Radiant Aging workshop last winter was a most worthwhile, enjoyable, and comprehensive day spent addressing the joys and pains of the universal dilemma of aging.  We all yearn to be strong, brilliant, beautiful and want to know the secrets associated with healthy longevity.  Anne is a perfect example of grace and knowledge, and practices patience with both outer and inner forces that regularly attempt to thwart our efforts.  Anne illustrated spiritual, physical and dietary practices that she practices every day to assist her efforts at Aging Radiantly!  The best part is that after being in Anne’s workshop, discussing concerns with others in the group, and learning the various practices ~daily is the goal~ I began implementing them myself with the occasional reminder about which food, or which posture, or consciously shifting attitude when feeling nearly defeated.  I am confident saying that you will find answers to your many questions, and the knowledge to help implement and maintain practices that will support your aging radiantly!  Your self will thank you."

~ Kathleen McAlinden

"This workshop feels like a Radiance Recharge for me. I enjoy how Anne creates the space for sitting in circle with women, putting our truths into it, listening to our shared wisdoms and that's just to start! We spend the day discussing and experiencing the foundational aspects of her healthy living practices, from the breathing and gratitude, to tasting of foods and samplings of body-mind practices. And I feel I walk away with a clear structure from which to launch new health-minded practices I can integrate into my daily life"

~ Elisa Blynn

Anne is amazing, a genuine healer/coach who conveys the depth of her caring with warmth and clarity. Anne’s “Radiant Aging” workshop was very inspiring and helpful. I’ve taken a step-by-step approach to implementing what I learned, and the changes have had a positive impact on my life.  I love her “rocket fuel” breakfast recipe! During a private session with Anne, she helped me see a troubling relationship from a whole new perspective and was instrumental in my making an energetic shift that greatly improved the relationship dynamic. This new perspective serves me my higher self and my life daily. Thank you, Anne, for your radiance that touches us all!


~ Leslie A.

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